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October 21, 2014by averagegiant0
Each week we will provide you with 5 social media tips to help you better understand, and harness the power of social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram [@averagegiantmarketing) for daily social media tips as well.

Week of 10/20/14

Social media tips destination
Social media is a vehicle. Is your website a beautiful destination?
Social media should drive traffic back to your website, but if your website is visually or functionally unappealing then no one will do whatever it is that you brought them there for. Form and function are extremely important for websites. Ensure that your website is as visually appealing as the content you are putting out on social media. Also make sure that there are no function issues with your site. You want people to come back, just you want to go back to the last beautiful destination you visited.

Social media tips content strategy followers
Your follower’s engagement is a reflection of your content strategy.
If you have highly engaged followers, then you probably have interesting content that makes people want to like, comment or act in some way.
If you have low engagement then you probably have one of two problems. Either you are not putting out good content or you have followers that don’t care about what you are saying. If your content is terrible, no one wants to engage with it. If your followers don’t care about what you’re saying then you have the wrong followers. Quality of followers means having followers that care about what you are saying and engage, not just having huge numbers of followers.

Social media tips extra hand
Give yourself an extra hand. Use automation tools to schedule certain pieces of content.
Automation tools like Buffer and Hootesuite are great for scheduling posts to be published to your social media profiles later. Schedule your evergreen content pool in these apps to take the worry out of what to post everyday. When used strategically you can ensure that you have content going out every day. be careful not to rely too heavily on these though, they are no substitute for spending time on each platform you are on.

Social media tips Devastating-keyboard-power
Your keyboard has devastating power. Use it wisely.
You can make or destroy your brand with a few strokes of the keys. A perfectly worded tweet or post can add credibility and authority to your brand. Similarly, a couple of misdirected keystrokes can damage or destroy your brand image. Be careful who you allow to post and what they post. It could mean the difference between life and death for your brand.

Social media tips measure then adjust
Measure then adjust.
In social media, anything worth doing is worth measuring. Use the data collected to adjust your approach to content and your approach to other business practices affected by the data. Have a clear plan for measurement.

We hope you’ll begin to use these tips in your everyday postings, and let us know how they are working for you. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more social media tips and great articles to help you maximize your social media marketing. Check back in with us every Monday for another set of social media tips.


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