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September 29, 2014by averagegiant0
 Each week we will provide you with 5 social media tips and tricks to help you better understand, and harness the power of social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram [@averagegiantmarketing] for daily social media tips as well.

Social Media Tips 9/22/14


Utilize anchor hashtags to expand your reach.

Each week there are several hashtag events that happen everyday on various social media networks. Everyone knows about #TBT or #ThrowBackThursday, but did you know that there are industry specific anchor hashtags? For example the music industry has #MM or #MusicMondays and the travel industry’s #TravelTuesday. There are dozens of hashtags for everyday of the week; jump on a few each week and gain new exposure for your content.

Remember, the watcher is also being watched.
While you are, or at least should be, monitoring your competitors, they are also monitoring you. It’s great to mimic what’s working for your competition but you also want to blaze your own trail for others to follow. One way to tell if you are producing good content is to see how many of your competitors are following your lead.


Don’t let equipment failure be the reason you don’t get your message out.
We all know technology has a way of failing us at the worst times. Keep that in mind when doing social media, as it is completely tech reliant. Keep an extra battery or Mophie case for your cell phone, or at least make sure it’s fully charged and you have a charger on hand. Be sure your internet connection is stable enough for the task. Make sure all your bases are covered. Being prepared means having a backup in place.

Your story should transport your followers to a destination.
Both figuratively and literally. Figuratively, your social media posts should tell a story that followers will want to share because it feels real and relatable. Transport them into a world controlled by your brand image. In the literal since you should be transporting followers to a landing page on your website as a destination. The majority of your social media posts should include a link back to relevant content on your website.

Protect your brand image at all costs! Once it’s damaged, it may be impossible to repair.
Your brand image is the heart and soul of your business. No other medium has the ability to swing your brand image positively or negatively as fast as social media. All it takes is one bad Tweet or post and your brand image is destroyed. Be smart about who you hire to do your social media. Do not hire an intern to oversee your whole social media operation. The easiest way to protect your brand image via social media is to hire someone that knows what they are doing. It may cost more than an intern, but your brand is much better protected.

We hope you’ll begin to use these tips in your everyday postings, and let us know how they are working for you. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more social media tips and great articles to help you maximize your social media marketing. Check back in with us every Monday for another set of social media tips and tricks.


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