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“Average Giant Marketing, a social media and branding agency, excels in elevating brands through digital storytelling and strategic brand development. Our primary focus lies in creating dynamic, consistent, and brand-aligned digital messages, uniquely crafted to embody your brand’s essence. As the nuances of social media marketing evolve, our expertise, honed since 2010, ensures your brand stays ahead of trends.

Dedicated to delivering bespoke digital solutions, we blend creativity with strategic branding to enhance your brand’s identity and exceed your expectations.”

Understand Your Audience

We listen to what your customers and competitors are saying on digital platforms to gain deeper insights into your brand’s target audience, helping us to refine and enhance your branding and social media strategies effectively.

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Define Your Game Plan

The ever changing digital landscape necessitates a cohesive brand image across all channels, intertwining branding with social strategy. Our unified approach ensures that your brand strategy provides a solid foundation for your social media and digital footprint.

Control Your Narrative

In order to stand out in the expanding digital world, brands must not only improve their visual identity but also cohesively integrate their branding. As digital storytellers, we are dedicated to helping you communicate brand narratives in innovative ways, ensuring that each digital campaign and strategy aligns perfectly with your brand’s overall identity and message.

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A Giant Tale

All GIANTS have an origin story...

There’s nothing average about a GIANT, especially one that masters branding and social media! Just like the larger-than-life giants in children’s tales, we stand tall in the digital marketing world, distinct from the average agency with our innovative social media and bespoke branding strategies.

Founded in 2010 by Brandon Powell, Average Giant Marketing was born out of a desire to empower brands to tell their unique stories in impactful ways. The goal was to create authentic, impactful narratives that resonated with audiences and amplified and uplifted brands.

Our mission transcends traditional marketing; we focus on elevating brand identities, increasing awareness, and adding real value to audiences through authentic storytelling and engaging, brand-aligned strategies. With us, your brand’s story isn’t just told; it’s vividly brought to life. Let us take your brand story from average to GIANT!

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

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