Average Giant Marketing is a social media marketing agency that provides complete social media and digital marketing solutions. Our goal is to help you unlock and understand social media’s full potential to impact your businesses marketing objectives. Our focus is creating a digital brand message uniquely crafted for your business needs that is dynamic, consistent, and engaging. Utilizing the latest tools, strategies, and tactics, Average Giant Marketing delivers custom creative digital solutions that deliver on your expectations.


The Social Media Marketing Machine


The world is given to those who listen. Sounds deep but it’s really not. The more you listen, the more you allow others to inform you of what they want. Social media isn’t just about broadcasting and self promoting. In fact if you’re broadcasting more than you’re listening you’re doing it all wrong.

We listen to our clients and  take an individualized approach to every project. Listening to your needs, wants, and expectations allows us to create a plan that is customized to deliver the desired results.

We listen for our clients. We listen to what your customers are saying so we can help you make informed decisions about your social media marketing efforts.


No one ever won the game standing on the sidelines. The same is true for social media. You cannot win if you do not engage.

We engage with you, the client, to understand your voice, tone, target audience, etc. It is this engagement that allows us to become the voice of your brand. We become a seamless extension of your brand or business because we become a part of your business. We immerse ourselves into your company culture so that we can engage your customer organically. We want to help you find, and/ or amplify your brand voice.



If knowing is half the battle, analyzing is at least half of the other half, if that makes sense. What good is information if you can’t do anything with it? We turn data received from your social media channels into actionable insights to help drive business decisions. An informed decision is a good decision.

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