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Community Management

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… and we’ll make sure it stays that way in your social community. Average Giant Marketing can be your community manager. We can act as your in-house social media marketing manager.* Give us the keys and let us drive strategy and engagement for you.




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Content Marketing

Does your company suffer from Irregular/ Boring Content Syndrome? IBCS is real, (aside from the fact that we just made the term up,) and it’s affecting thousands of companies and brands every day. Are you one of those brands?

There’s nothing worse than visiting a site for a company or brand and seeing stale, boring, or irregular content. Most often the reason for this is lack of a content strategy. We will create a content strategy and curate content for your social channels so that you will never suffer from IBCS again.





Average Giant Marketing - Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy

We create customized approaches to reaching your audience on social media. Understanding that it’s important to create a solid foundation, we take the time to understand you and your needs and capacity. We work hand in hand with you to generate actionable, meaningful goals then we put our machine to work to figure out the best tactics to accomplish those goals. All packaged in a pretty bow… not really… unless you really want one.





Average Giant Marketing - Social Media Marketing Campaign Management

Campaign Management


Having trouble coming up with your next social media campaign? We’ve got you covered. We will create your social media marketing campaign from concept to implementation. We provide you with a content strategy tailored to fit the specific campaign. You’ll know exactly what to post, when, and where to post it. To top it off you’ll receive a detailed campaign analysis at completion.





Average Giant Marketing - Social Media Marketing Consulting

Consulting & Training

The analogy goes, “If you buy a man a fish taco you’ll feed him for lunch, but if you teach him how to fish he can make his own dinner,”… or something to that effect.

We believe that social media literacy is an important part of today’s business functions. Too many brands and businesses ruin brand images because they do not fully understand social media or its effect. Don’t worry we’ll be there with you every step along the way to help you avoid disasters, brainstorm exciting campaigns, and keep you current on best practices.






We understand that every client is unique, and will customize a plan to fit your social media marketing needs.

 *Duties and pricing may vary as agreed upon between client and Average Giant Marketing.





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