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September 15, 2014by averagegiant0

Each week we will provide you with 5 social media tips to help you better understand, and harness the power of social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram [@averagegiantmarketing) for daily social media tips as well.


Social Media Tips of the Week 9/15/14

social media tips - Create-a-family-with-your-followers

Create a sense of family with your followers. Talk to them like you would your family. This means have conversations, not just one-sided marketing posts. If you treat them like family, your following will invite your brand into their family. Everyone wants to feel like the person/ people on the other end of the computer are real and actually care what they have to say. Treat your followers like family and they’ll support you like family.







Social media tips Be-responsive

Be responsive. Your response time is valuable. The faster your time to respond to customer issues, and/ or inquiries, the better your customer’s experience. Improving customer experience should be one of your main goals for social media marketing.

In today’s world of instant gratification, you must be able to facilitate quick response customer service, and improve the customers experience seamlessly. If you take days to respond, you’re probably losing customers. Heck even hours are critical, so make sure you are staying up to date to the minute with customer service. Having followers use a customer service hashtag helps.






social media tips Be-a-thought-leader

Become a thought leader, and increase your personal brand. If you are looking to increase followers, make more money, or set yourself up for another career you should be establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Create and curate content that speaks to your knowledge and skills.

Publishing blog posts and LinkedIn posts are good ways to establish your authority on a topic. Of course consistency and quality are important also, so make sure you are producing content that is beneficial to followers, and on a consistent basis.








social media tips Evergreen-content

Create an evergreen content pool. Some content is useful all year. Identify, and use that content repeatedly. Having an evergreen content pool gives you some extra ammo for those times when you can’t think of what to post. Also this content pool will help you respond quicker to customer issues by having information ready to go as soon as a question, problem, or inquiry is presented.








social media tips Devil-in-the-details

The devil is definitely in the details of social media. Pay attention and always double-check everything. One misspelled word, or missing detail can ruin your post and even your brand.

Be careful that you are double-checking all information going out on social media. Although social media is a right now platform, you should think long about, and double-check that your post is correctly depicting the desired brand message.








We hope you’ll begin to use these tips in your everyday postings, and let us know how they are working for you. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more social media tips and great articles to help you maximize your social media marketing. Check back in with us every Monday for another set of social media tips.


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