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September 2, 2014by averagegiant2

Each week we will provide you with 5 social media tips to help you better understand, and harness the power of social media marketing. Follow us on Instagram [@averagegiantmarketing) for daily social media tips as well.



Social Media Tips of the Week 9/1/14

Social Media Tips - Don't bite more than you can chew


Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Understand your capacity and capabilities and don’t over extend yourself. It’s better to do a few things excellently then a lot of things okay. Same thing holds true in social media. It’s better to be on one or two social platforms, and do those well, than to be on every popular or new channel because it’s trendy.









Social Media Tips - Build with a strategy

In order to effectively grow your social media channels you need a strategy. No matter how elaborate, or simple your social media strategy, just ensure that you have one. Your strategy is the GPS for your social media marketing. It helps you to stay on track to accomplish your desired marketing goals. Stick to the strategy!








Social Media Tips - Stand out with great content

Make your social media standout with unique content. If you want to stand out on any social media platform you need to create content that is fresh and different. Your followers don’t want you to post about the same things that every other brand is posting about, or in the same way.Be original with your images, captions, and promotions/ contests.

Completely unique content can be hard to create at times, so a great trick is to approach a popular topic with a fresh way of presenting it. Look no further than the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge posts for examples of how to present a popular topic in a different way.






Social Media Tips - Don't get banned

Be aware of the policies and terms of service of any social platform you use. Don’t get stranded [banned] for ignorance. Every platform has a different set of rules of engagement for using that platform. If you break them you run the risk of having your account flagged, suspended, or banned. This can result in a devastating blow to your digital brand image.









Social Media Tips - Increase retweets with images

Use images in your tweets to increase retweets. Twitter is jumping on the visual bandwagon becoming a more image driven platform. While text is still the primary mode of engagement on Twitter, images and video are becoming more relevant on the platform. Twitter recently allowed users to post gifs, further showing their commitment to becoming more visual friendly.








We hope you’ll begin to use these tips in your everyday postings, and let us know how they are working for you. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more social media tips and great articles to help you maximize your social media marketing. Check back in with us every Monday for another set of social media tips.


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