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Facebook Paid Video Views

Executive Summary

Average Giant Marketing was hired to increase views for St. Louis R&B singer Mai Lee’s Low Key video on Facebook. She had previously averaged only a few thousand views per video, and wanted to experiment with Facebook video ads on a small budget.

  • 188,000 views on $500 budget
  • Cost/ video view: $0.0026
  • 3100+ Likes, 2400+ Shares, 359 Comments


The artist was not well known outside of the Asian community in St. Louis, MO.

Prior to hiring me, the artists’ team would post video links from YouTube without much success. They did not understand that Facebook does not like YouTube links and would rather you post native videos.

Additionally, the management team was skeptical about Facebook video engagement. They also were hesitant to utilize Facebook ads and would only allocate $500 to the ad budget.

Average Giant Marketing’s responsibility was to produce significant video views at a low cost. In the process the secondary duty was to prove the viability of Facebook’s ad platform to the client.

Mai Lee | Facebook Ads Case Study

How Services Helped

Average Giant Marketing created a comprehensive strategy for posting and advertising the “Low Key” video on Facebook.

By creating several highly targeted audiences based on interests, we were able to promote the video to an audience that was highly engaged and ready to consume the content.

Results, ROI, and Future Plans

The strategy implemented produced over 188,000 video views on a $500 budget.

With the cost per video view at $0.002, the client was more than happy with the ROI.

Not only did the campaign produce great results in terms of the main objective, video views, it also had ancillary effects on engagement rates, proving to the client that the views and viewers were real.

The artist and management team were very pleased with the results and became return customers.

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